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Tentacle Solutions are a Scottish based software development team that design unique and innovative bespoke software programs to enable your business to move onwards and upwards.

Custom Database Systems

The heart of your business today, whether large or small, is a central point at which all of the necessary data is stored. Many businesses cannot function without that central data because it has been collated from years of business endeavours, clients, contacts and figures that the business has learned from and thrived on. Tentacle Solutions can help provide the right database for your company today.

Cloud Based Solutions

Over the last few years, Tentacle Solutions have started to deliver the most advanced database driven systems which are run on the cloud. A major advantage of this is that companies can roll out their new software immediately (no installation required) and not have to worry about upgrading their computers (if the PC can run a browser, it can run the new software).

Bespoke Software Development

Your software will conform to your business practise and needs, thus streamlining and enhancing your operation in terms of productivity, efficiency and profitability. Furthermore, we guarantee that software from Tentacle Solutions is developed to high standards to ensure that your custom design program is stable and optimised for performance.

Software Consultancy

Our consultant will be on hand for you to contact throughout the whole process just in case you think of anything else you need to incorporate. We also liase with you throughout the software development process to make sure that development takes all your software needs into consideration. Finally your consultant will send you daily End Of Day reports which contain notes from various developers and designers working on your project.

Hosting Solutions

Tentacle Solutions can offer to host your final custom database system on one of our servers we manage in our data centers. Your data will be held securely and backed up regularly. On top of that we guarantee 99% uptime as well as superior performance and load times. We optimise, monitor and maintain your server, ensuring it is totally secure, highly available and performance-tuned to your new application.

Software Expertise

Tentacle Solutions has been programming bespoke software for over 15 years. Founded in 2001, Tentacle Solutions has extensive experience within the software industry and will strive to provide business class software that will go above and beyond what it is required to do in every single aspect. We will always bring passion and attention to detail to every single piece of software that we program, and that passion cannot be rivalled.

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Helpful, efficient and flexible. Nothing was too much trouble and they had a solution to every issue. A surprisingly easy process from start to finish.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Tentacle Solutions is the leading UK based software development company operating in the IT industry today and has been since its foundation some years ago as a result of the high quality and dedicated service we provide to every single client. With a proven and extremely consistent track record that is the envy of the majority of our competitors, Tentacle Solutions’s claim to be the market leader will also hold firm in years to come.

Located in Glasgow, Scotland, we offer a full range of software and database services to clients from all over the world with different requirements and operating in various industries. We design, build and customise software solutions for all our customers, offering bespoke packages that are unique and have been formulated for the individual client.

Our Stats

Our Stats

SQL Database Vs Access Database 85%

Online/Internet Vs Windows Operating System

Online/Internet Vs Windows Operating System 65%

Apple iOS Vs Android

Apple iOS Vs Android 50%

Custom Solution Vs Turnkey Project

Custom Solution Vs Turnkey Project 86%

(over a 10 yr period) Returning clients Vs One off Projects

(over a 10 yr period) Returning clients Vs One off Projects 75%