Tentacle Solutions

Made in Scotland

Application Software & HTML5 Game Development Studio based in Glasgow, Scotland

Tentacle Solutions has been programming bespoke software for database systems and viral games for over 15 years.
Founded in 2001, Tentacle Solutions has extensive experience within the software industry making it the leading Scottish based software development company operating in the IT industry today.

Database Systems

By using Microsoft's versatile .NET platform and their powerful SQL database, Tentacle Solutions can offer you a customised solution that will enable you to enhance your business. Our team will design an innovative software system to enable your business to move onwards and upwards.

HTML5 Games

Discover the power of HTML5 and what it can do for you! Imagine a game that will work seamlessly on the web and mobile platforms. By developing games under the new HTML5 specification, we can introduce cool new features to your gaming experience that simply weren’t possible before.


In the same way you would not go straight to a builder when thinking of building a brand new house, our consultant will be the architect to your next software development project. By listening to your requirements, he will draw up plans that can be taken to any developer.

Technology for Museums

Do you need a game developed for a touchscreen display? Tentacle have helped Museums and Institutions move away from Flash Software to the Powerful HTML5 platform for Kiosk software. HTML5 will allow faster development with reduced costs!

Spot The Ball Software

Our Spot The Ball software has been helping companies run their own skilled based game for the last 10 years. Fully compliant with the latest gaming laws as well as being able to be customised for any further restrictions your legal team may have.